For the first time in New Zealand, Spark started 5G wireless broadband service for a limited number of business and consumer customers. Spark is one the largest telecommunication company in New Zealand who is providing their service from 1987. This company is also known as Spark New Zealand Limited.

Spark’s Technology Director, Mark Beder said that Alexandra is the beginning of Spark’s regional roll out of 5G with a plan to bring 5G wireless broadband services to another five heartland New Zealand towns before Christmas 2019, then other locations early next year. Access to these 5G services will initially be by invitation only.

He also said that they have used their own 2600 MHz spectrum allocation and have worked with Dense Air, a large 2600 MHz spectrum holder in New Zealand to enable them to deploy 5G services. 5G has already launched in this band in the USA, and will be a major 5G band in Asia. This has allowed them to set up a 5G network for a limited number of customers in Alexandra with more locations to come. They will continue to deliver 4G services to Alexandra, but over our other spectrum bands.

According to Nokia, Spark 5G network in Alexandra using the radio equipment of Nokia 5G.